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The ALBARENA clothing line represents premium manufacturing quality combined with stylistic originality, typical of Made in Italy brands.

Both the savour and the style of the ALBARENA collections stem from the intuition of Renato Albarello, pioneer and designer of the brand, who has successfully managed to define and trace an evolution in the fashion world.


“The comfort of the sweater, the elegance of the jacket!”


This is the stylistic and innovative combination that prompted Renato to turn the plain jumper into a unique, stylish outerwear.

This commitment to quality and details is the mainstay that permitted to ALBARENA to display in the leading luxury multi-brand outlets throughout Italy and Europe, despite its remarkable youth as a company.


Having been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years, Renato Albarello sets the wheels in motion in the “Made in Italy” history in 1998, by setting up the fashion brand “665”, which features various items of clothing. Its name is inspired to the world of vintage cars, in particular the “OM 665 Superba” model.

In 2016 Renato senses a slight change in the everyday world, and decides its time for a style breakthrough in the market: ALBARENA is founded.

The world we live in nowadays is undeniably frenetic, as it proceeds at an alarming rate, and it barely concedes us the slightest whiff of relax or comfort: at this point ALBARENA intervenes.

It offers a classy item of clothing, that provides us both with style and comfort when worn, so as to make us live our day in the best mood and with total confidence.

The projects are wholly designed and completed in Veneto, a region which boasts a secular expertise in textile manufacturing and great vision in the clothing sector.

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